U.S. freezes Canadian Hemp Shipments Contrary To New Policy

U.S. freezes Canadian hemp shipments

Maureen Brosnahan reports for CBC Radio

WebPosted at CBC.ca Thu Jan 13 10:26:40 2000

TORONTO – U.S. Customs has once again closed the border to hemp oil and 
hemp seeds from Canada, leaving some companies losing patience
and money. The move comes less than a month after American officials 
agreed to allow the hemp into their country, provided it met certain

The latest flip-flop comes after a directive from Washington and the 
Office of the National Drug Control Policy. They want any hemp product 
that contains even trace elements of THC – the key active ingredient in 
marijuana – to be banned, even though that might violate international 
trade laws.

The policy change is causing frustration among Canadian hemp producers 
and costing them money. 

For four months last fall, Jean LaPrise waited while American Customs 
held up a shipment of hemp seed his Ontario company, Kenex, was sending
to the U.S. The seed was to be used by an American company to make bird 
feed. But officials said it contained a trace amount of THC. Ron
Krystynak, deputy director of Canada-U.S. trade issues with Agriculture 
Canada, says this is an example of confusing drug policies with trade
policies. He says Canada will back its hemp producers.

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