NAIHC Director Glenn urges farmers to march for industrial hemp, Oct. 16, 2014 – In a Raleigh, NC News & Observer OpEd, NAIHC Vice Chair Gale Glenn writes that “Farmers in North Carolina are being left out of the current revival of industrial hemp.”

Glenn points out that eleven other states have followed the federal government in authorizing  industrial hemp as an agricultural crop and “many of their universities and ag departments are already managing pilot programs to determine the hemp variety that best suits their climate, soil and potential industrial demands.”

She calls on North Carolina farmers to protest the fact that “North Carolina has a state law that prohibits hemp production.”

Glenn’s OpEd defines industrial hemp as “a farmer’s dream crop: low-labor, a small amount of fertilizer, no herbicide or pesticide to pollute the land and waterways, an ideal rotational crop with a plus: It reduces the soybean nematode problem by 60 percent.”

Pointing out that “Companies in the Southeast are already importing processed hemp fibers from Canada,” Glenn writes that “Now is the time for N.C. farmers to march. Get the state law changed. Get the pilot programs going at N.C. universities. Our farmers deserve the right to raise this useful crop, and our farmers are the perfect people to lead this hemp parade.”