Curtis P. Koster

NAIHC Board Member


Technology Evaluation
& Economic Analysis,
Malcolm Associates Investment Consultants
66 Malcolm Road


Malcolm Associates, Investment Consultants, provides technology evaluation and economic analysis services, primarily to the pulp and paper industry. Malcolm Associates, also, provides portfolio management services for individual, institutional, and trust accounts. Mr. Koster retired in 1998 after twenty years with International Paper where he had varied responsibilities including: manager, Technology Evaluation; controller, Science and Technology Division; Technology project manager for major mill and paper machine reconfigurations and manager, New Business Development. Early in his career, Mr. Koster served three years as an US Air Force Officer as Chief, Stellar Camera Operations for the 1381st Geodetic Survey Squadron which provided satellite tracking support for the early space flight and U-2 aerial surveillance programs at Cape Canaveral. Subsequent to the Air Force, he spent thirteen years with Union Carbide in the Mining & Metals, Nuclear, Electronics (Oceanographic Instruments), and Linde Industrial Gas Divisions. He held management positions that included production, facility design, and product development for the largest commercial operation engaged in the manufacture of basic radiochemical and radiopharmaceutical products. His education: ME Stevens Institute of Technology; MS Metallurgy and Materials Sciences, New York University; MS Engineering Science (Oceanography), New York University; MBA (Finance) Pace University.